Digital Signage Audience Measurement

What is Quividi

Quividi is a real-time audience measurement solution that can be integrated natively with PADS4. This allows audience demographic to be used in the determination of what content is displayed live to that audience. With Quividi and PADS4 you have a truly dynamic digital signage solution. Now you can target audiences with specifically relevant content in retail stores, malls, agencies, boutiques, transportation hubs, restaurants, museums, banks, live events, wherever you need to reach your potential clients. Now if your audience at a particular moment in time is male it would be a waste to be displaying content that is designed to target children. With Quividi and PADS4 you can now dynamically change the content displayed to target the male audience maximising the reach of your content delivery and your ROI.

By using a video sensor (webcam or IP camera) and proprietary image processing technology Quividi is able to count actual viewers and their attention times and dwell times as well as estimating the gender and age distributions of the audience.

Not only do you have a reporting tool to see, who is actively engaged with you displays, if you have enough passing traffic for the location of the display but you also have recorded data about the demographic of the audience that can trigger the type of content to be displayed.

This data and reporting can also be of ultimate value in showing prospective advertisers the potential reach of the location of your displays and the type of audience it displays to.

For more information visit the Quividi site links below