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PADS4 is a group of applications that provide enterprise level digital signage solutions across networks of any size and any location. You can display your information to any screen anywhere in the world with unrivaled database live data delivery. Incorporate your existing data to your “live” displays – pricing, products, events, results, news, weather…… Include your Tweets, RSS, XML, SQL, Access, Excel data. Create Dynamic rules around your data for truly responsive information delivery. With PADS all is possible if you think outside of the box!

pads designer


Create stunning presentations with a drag and drop interface that looks and feels like Microsoft Office. Easy leaning curve assured!

Pads4 Scheduler


You have total display control when you can schedule content anywhere and at any time. You can even group your displays into groups and target a specific building, floor, department, or certain elevators …. Target the right people at the right time with the right message.

Pads4 Server


The Server will automatically distribute your content, media and data to the right display. Cross network synchronisation is a built in feature to ensure your screens have all the right material.

Pads4 Viewer


The Viewer ensures your content will display exactly on time and run smoothly on your Ultra HD display, your video wall or tablet.

Pads4 Server


Analyse the content, Monitor the performance, Manage your system remotely with Agent. The ultimate system controller.

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