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SMART Playback

  • The Pads Viewer
  • Types of Viewer
  • HTML5 Viewer
  • Desktop Viewer

The Right Information when you need it

The Pads Viewer sits on the display’s media player. It ensures that your presentation is displayed correctly with the right content and at the right scheduled moment in time. Pads will display on, screens of any size and any resolution, multiple displays, video walls and tablets.

With Pads4 presentations exceptional data connectivity you can always display your, up to the minute, latest information with PADS Viewer software. You can create presentations that will dynamically display your data and automatically change the layout, images, text and data. You no longer need to wait for a graphic designer to create a new image that changes, the date, or the time, or the price, or the availability of your product in a message. You can change it LIVE yourself by merely changing the incoming data – the system will do the rest. For instance if it is raining you can automatically display umbrella adverts and offer a “on the spot discount”. When it stops raining you can automatically stop the umbrella campaign.  If you add audience recognition technology you can target the audience that is actually watching your screen with relevant advertising and messaging. You can even add touch screen interactivity. Smart Digital Signage for your business wit PADS Viewer.

Viewer Options for your signage requirement

Pads has a variety of viewers with different functionality and pricing. You can mix the use of these types within a network system and upgrade to a higher functionality type at any time without any network effect.

The Types are

  • EXPERT – The fully functional version with all elements available.
  • XPRESS – The version with advanced signage capability but without elements like Rich Text, TV, Charts….
  • BASIC – The least featured version that will connect to data but is limited in element functionality.
PADS also offers an cross platform HTML5 Viewer and a PC Destop Viewer.
You can download the viewer comparison list here

The Cross Platform Solution

With PADS HTML5 Viewer you have unique, platform-independent player software for a cost-effective signage solution. Ideal for Android or Linux based player devices. The intelligent Viewer software uses local caching – instead of streaming – to ensure that your presentation will continue to play, even when the network connection is lost.

There are two versions available XPRESS and BASIC. You can download the viewer comparison list here

Integrated Internal Communication

You can extend your digital signage network to the PCs of your staff and create one total signage solution. Use PADS Desktop Viewer for Internal Communication with your staff or selected members of departments as a screen saver or as targeted messaging that will automatically popup on their screens as an alert. Use read receipts to get confirmed that you messages have been read. You can now target customers and directly inform staff from the same software suite. SMART Communication with PADS4

Another use could be to present targeted content to retail customers via POS terminal units.