PADS Server

SMART Distribution

  • Delivery
  • Network
  • Scalability
  • Secure

PADS Server guarantees that your information is always effectively delivered to the right displays in your digital signage network. If necessary, anywhere in the world!

Scheduled presentations are instantly forwarded and locally stored at your displays. This ensures that your presentation will play exactly on time, even when your network is offline.

In addition, PADS Server makes sure that your media files and real-time data are delivered fast and efficiently to your displays, so everything can be merged together to play your presentation.

Centralize collecting live data for your presentations. Let PADS Server collect the data for you and feed your displays with real-time information. Use it to limit the calls to your data sources, to improve performance or as a solution to collect data in secure environments.

PADS Server uses your available network capacity as efficient as possible. Information is automatically compressed consuming less network bandwidth and local caching at the displays prevents unnecessary retransmission of data.

Arrange targeted distribution of media files to your displays by defining filters on your PADS Content library. To limit distribution of content at peak hours, set predefined timeframes with maximum available bandwidth.

PADS gives you all possibilities to meet your individual requirements for server load and network traffic and let PADS use your network exactly the way you want.

Media files in your PADS Content library are automatically shared with all PADS users and delivered to your displays by PADS Server. Additions or updates you make are instantly uploaded and synchronised to ensure that the content of your entire signage network is always up-to-date.

Add a PADS Backup server to your network and create a reliable fallback mechanism for your mission critical digital signage network. Link your Backup server to the primary PADS Server at it’s ready to take over its role in case of failures.

pads network

PADS Server has been designed to work with large numbers of connections. Depending on your hardware and usage of the system, PADS Server can easily handle up to hundreds of connected displays.

If you think your system will exceed the capacity of one PADS Server, simply add additional PADS Sub Servers. Link them to your primary server, reroute your displays and the capacity of your system has been extended.

This unique concept of PADS Sub Servers is also ideal to minimize network traffic. Work with nested PADS servers to bundle your network communication per department, site or country and make your signage network endless scalable.

pads scalability

Secure access to your PADS Server by using a password required logon for your displays. This is especially recommended when your PADS Server is accessed over the Internet. Use the built-in permissions for access, data or content to give your PADS users secure access to your PADS server.

Connect PADS to your Microsoft Active Directory and use the advantages of central user management. Create an LDAP user in PADS, link it to an existing Active Directory user and automatically inherit all user credentials from Active Directory.