PADS Designer

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  • Live Data
  • Features

Design with a Familiar Interface

The PADS Designer interface is very similar to Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. The powerful design tool enables you to create dynamic presentations for your displays, easily and efficiently, with drag and drop functionality.

You can include any kind of content including Rich text, Scrolling Text, Videos, Images and Image Sliders, Html and Internet pages, PowerPoint, Flash, PDF, RSS, XML, Twitter, Facebook, live data, live TV and more. Simply drag-and-drop your content into PADS Designer or connect to external data and compose a dynamic display.

The PADS Designer’s advanced features will also allow you to create rules and triggers around your content giving you endless possibilities and make your content dynamically react to live conditions. This can ensure you get the right message across to the right audience.

pads4 designer

Display Live Real Time Data!

PADS4 Digital Signage allows you to display live data from  external sources directly into your presentations. With a native inbuilt wizard it has never been easier to include data from RSS, XML, Excel, Access, SQL, Social Media, Microsoft Exchange, ODBC, OLEDB and more. Automatically bring in data and the system will update whenever the external data alters. Live data for your displays!

PADS includes no less than 35 data providers, varying from a simple text file provider to generic database drivers, meaning that there is always a provider to link to your data.

PADS advanced features include data scrolling, filtering and conditional rules. These all make your displays engaging and responsive to data changes. When you think outside of the box with PADS4 tools and data connections anything is possible!

pads designer data

Key Features

Large variety of content elements.

  • Rich Text – Create text content like Word.
  • Images – all industry standard.
  • PDF.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Flash.
  • Video/Audio.
  • Social Media – Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flick, Picasa or Instagram.
  • Webpage content – even select an area of a webpage.
  • Bring content from files – rtf, txt, htm, html.
  • Connect to databases, Excel sheets, RSS, XML and create your content externally with Live Updates.
  • Over 30 native data wizard connections.
  • Create Charts and Dynamic Tables with your data.
  • Master Page for generic design elements.
  • Interactive Buttons for touch screen integration.
  • Add digital TV
  • Design for any resolution and use the Designer Zoom tool to view the entire page
  • Live Preview to see exactly how the page will display
  • Automatically sync and share your content files with the PADS Content Library.

Use your imagination and be creative!