PADS Agent

Total Remote Control

  • Monitor the system
  • Manage the system
  • Troubleshoot

With PADS Agent you have the perfect tool to monitor the status and performance of your digital signage network.

Network connections, memory usage and detailed system info are just a few of the many items than can be remotely inspected. With PADS Agent you have all relevant information at hand.

Automate the monitoring process using predefined tasks with built-in auto recovery and automatically receive a notification in case of failures.

Get the black box of a PADS Viewer or PADS Server and analyse it offline, follow the collection and delivery of data at real-time or check the download progress of media files. With PADS Agent you have many tools to analyse your digital signage network.

Have PADS automatically monitor network connections, memory usage or hard disk space. Automatically receive an alert by e-mail, alarm sound or taskbar notification when a failure could not be automatically resolved by the system.

Use PADS Agent to remotely manage your displays from your own workplace.

Change the configuration settings of your PADS Viewers, distribute and install new fonts or get a live screen shot from your displays to see what’s going on. All remotely and invisible to your audience.

Remotely execute or schedule important tasks like the installation of new software updates or a reboot of a PC. Use the Wake-on-LAN features to switch off your displays during night and save energy.

Schedule Server or Viewer tasks to be executed at predefined times. Tasks will be locally stored and processed at your PADS Server or PADS Viewer and of course you receive full details about the results.

View the collected Proof-of-Play information to know exactly where, when and for how long your content has played. Export the information to Excel or other third party applications for billing purposes.

Fully automate the download and installation of PADS software updates and be ensured you always run the latest software. Or choose to stay in control and decide yourself when downloaded updates will be distributed across your network and installed.

Quickly trace problems with PADS Agent by analyzing black boxes, checking memory usage, inspecting logs or following the delivery of real-time data.

The unique black box concept of PADS automatically logs key configuration and performance details. Memory consumption history and several logs help you to trace back problems.

All together PADS Agent saves you valuable time in the provision of maintenance and support.