MultiTaction – Touch

Advanced Interactive Digital Signage

Words just don’t do it! Seeing is believing!


MultiTaction iWall


MultiTaction iWall is a 5-meter-wide, ready-to-use, interactive display wall solution. It detects an unlimited number of fingers, hands, IR pens and real life objects. The state-of-the-art interactive experience inspires users to collaborate, communicate and explore using new ways of thinking and educating.

At 5 m wide and 2.5 m in height the MultiTaction iWall creates a stunning impression with any audience in corporate spaces or in any other location. It comprises of 12x 55″ Ultra Thin Bezel displays. Combined with a screen brightness of 500 nits, it provides astounding image quality that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Stackable Displays

Stackable displays allow you to build interactive walls and tables of any form and size. Deliver eye-catching content to a large number of people at schools, universities, museums, corporate foyers, banks, shopping malls…..

Engage, Inspire, Communicate.

Embedded Table Displays

Embedded models are ideal for stand-alone displays with the computer inside the unit. No network necessarily required for this kind of display. You can also monitor and manage a network installation over LAN using the Site Manager  component.

Work in one meeting room or collaborate across several meeting locations anywhere in the world.

Codice Software

MultiTaction Codice allows optical markers and objects to recognize individual users and display personalized specific content. By placing an optical marker on a display, a user can quickly show, play, send and receive personalized and exclusive content, resulting in a highly personalized digital signage experience. For instance:

  • A visitor can view information, brochures on a display and send them directly to their own email.
  • A passenger could place their ticket on a display in order to view the flight details.
  • A student could access information by using a marker card.

Codice optical markers have unique codes and can be printed on to anything as a simple graphical code similar to a QR code. No expensive hardware as in RFID.


Experience is an application for presenting a wide range of rich media content in an innovative and intuitive way.

  • View and zoom high-resolution photos, charts and graphics
  • Watch and enlarge videos – even with 4K resolution
  • Browse documents
  • Annotate Draw or Write with IR pens
  • View vector graphics, such as maps
  • Use optical Codice markers for sending content to the user’s email or showing personalized content on the display

If you would like to discuss how MultiTaction can integrate with your Digital Signage projects….

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