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Digital Signage Services - You decide how we help you!


We offer full design digital signage services to get your projects up and running. We will create the templates and any required database connections for your dynamic information displays. If you don’t have an IT department or technical staff we can create the whole solution for you and the means to edit your display information yourself.


Managing your system is not what all businesses want to get involved in or have time or the staffing levels to perform. We can do this for you or any amount of it by taking up the slack. We have flexible management plans where you can set the roll or the amount of time we spend helping you out. This can be altered at any time as you become more experienced with your system.


We can do onsite training so you can design and manage your own system. Depending on the number of people, their knowledge, and your location we will work out a cost effective training programme that will provide your staff with the level of training they require to design, run and manage your system.


If you do not have sufficient IT resources, or do not want to resource the hosting of your network system, then we can do this for you. We can provide Software As A Service solutions so you can leave the running and maintenance of the server up to us. A hassle free approach to your information delivery.


PADS is a non-proprietary hardware system. You are able to choose the hardware you want as long as it meets the minimum requirements. If you have access to distributors who are giving you trade pricing then you are probably able to negotiate some pricing discounts. We have access to trade pricing for most of the major commercial quality manufacturers and would be happy to supply you with your hardware requirements. When we provide the hardware, as well as the solution software, we can normally provide the most cost effective package bundles.

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