Pads4 Digital Signage Software
PADS4 Display Software

PADS4 is the award winning Digital Signage Software with unrivaled data connectivity. Real Time Data and Content Delivery anywhere in the world. Design, Distribute, Schedule, Monitor and Control your signage from a single enterprise platform. Deliver the right content to the right place at the right time across a network of any size.

PADS4 - The Smart Choice
QuiVidi Digital Signage Software
QUIVIDI Audience Measurement

Quividi is the benchmark for Audience Measurement Software. Measure audience demographics and use the data to provide content to the live audience. Integration with PADS4 is seamless using native data connections. You can target your live audience, in real time, with content designed specifically for that audience demographic.

Quividi - Smart Targeting
MultiTraction Digital Signage Software

MultiTaction displays are the most advanced interactive displays commercially available. Multiuser interactive displays with hand, 2D bar code, IR pen and object recognition. Ideal for multitouch walls and tables of any size and shape, they support enriched reality, augmented reality, digital whiteboard and collaboration solutions.


Digital Signage Software

Integrating the very best Digital Signage Solutions for dynamic digital displays

Whatever your line of business we have a solution that will get your message to the right people and at the right time.

Solutions for Retail, Transport, Education, Corporate, Event, Way-finding, Collaboration, Hospitality…….. Real Time Dynamic displays that can react to event, data, audience metric, schedule across any size of network.

Innovative Solutions

High End software providing state of the art digital signage solutions. As integrators we provide the software and support to deliver the most advanced Digital Signage display systems

Flexible Hosting and Management Packages

If you do not have the IT resources to host or manage your signage solution then we can provide all the technical support and hardware to run your system. We can fill the gaps in the running of your solution. You simply tell us what you want us to take care of and we will create the package you need.

Outstanding Support

So your business can make its mark we take pride in supporting you all the way. We commit ourselves as problem-solvers, designers and system managers. What ever your problem or requirement we will step in and help solve the issue.

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